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        About us

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        CONTACT US

        TRUCK-KING Autoparts Co.,Ltd

        Address: Xianyan St., Ouhai, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


        Copyright ? TRUCK-KING Autoparts co.ltd,  ICP:16016094-2  Powered by www.300.cn



        ABOUT US

        Company Profile

        King truckparts co.ltd, located in China automobile and truck production base---SHANDONG provice, JINAN city
        Our main produce: air filter, cabin filter ,air cleaners,gas filters,water oil separator,fuel filter,oil filter and Hydraulic filter for construction machinery and kinds of truck filter.
        Further more ,we own both advanced techlogy and strong research ability. our company past of international quality control system IS09001:2000 authentication in 2010. Our filters are exported to  South America (Chile,Brazil, Venezuela, Peru), Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Iran and  Mid-east countries, Africa (such as Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola), and also to Southeast Asia (Philippine, Indonesia, Burma) etc.
        Our companyhas insisted on the quality policy of "Creative Design, Precious Make, A word of promises but terribly good service" since the very begining.
        Welcome new and old alients both at home and abroad to visit and guide us so as to create prosperity together.
        TRUCK-KING Autoparts co.ltd  TRUCK-KING Autoparts co.ltdTRUCK-KING Autoparts co.ltd
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